Experience translates into cost effective solutions.  

Lynda LaCour has been developing custom relational database applications since 1984. These applications prove to be cost effective and stand the test of time as many continue to be in use for over a decade.

Prior to beginning any project, Lynda takes the time to get to know your business, getting a solid understanding of your data management needs and your workflow in order to develop a streamlined solution for your business.  Lynda has time and time again proven her ability to quickly assess a companies needs, develop a custom system and successfully implement the system into their daily operations.

Hospitals, Law Firms, Accountants, Daily Newspaper, Oil Companies, Environmental Engineers, Manufacturing Firms, Printing Companies, large companies and small one person shops have all commissioned Lylac to create custom solutions to meet their needs. 

Lynda LaCour is proud to announce that in 2013 Lylac Inc was accepted as a FileMaker Business Alliance Member based on her expertise in developing and deploying FileMaker powered solutions.

Who and What is FileMaker

 FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary
On FileMaker’s platform one can easily create custom solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the Web
FileMaker has 30 years of experience helping companies transform their business
Over 20 million delivered in 15 languages to organizations of all sizes
Over 1.5 million downloads of FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone